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Rockcheck 230 project reports

Date:Jul 11,2016

Tianjin Rockcheck Steel Group is the country's private enterprises leader, currently there are 3 sintering machine and a 1 million 500 thousand ton ore pellet production line, our company has contracted the construction environment and MICROTEK managed operations of 265m2 sintering machine and 150 pellets of flue gas treatment project, the project has won the highly recognized Tianjin Rongcheng leadership. In the process of operation, high desulfurization efficiency, no chimney rain, and low operation cost!



   The calcium desulfurization process before Rockcheck 230m2 sintering machine flue gas treatment project, low desulfurization efficiency during the operation of equipment and high cost of running a serious blockage. Beijing Tianjin Hebei integration policy issued, flue gas emission standards more stringent, Tianjin Rongcheng positive response to the national policy, to improve the environmental quality of air in Tianjin to achieve the whole plant flue gas ultra clean emissions, mid 15 years with my company MICROTEK show to third cooperation, Rockcheck 230m2 sintering machine flue gas treatment project will transform the original use of calcium the desulphurization process for FOSS desulfurization denitration and dust removal of mercury four in one integrated flue gas treatment technology. Our company has completed four technological transformation and integration of desulfurization process debugging work, soon after has entered into the denitration and dust debugging work, four in one integrated flue gas treatment process will be officially put into operation, after operation of the desulfurization efficiency can reach 99%, the denitration efficiency of more than 80%, more than 99% of the dust removal effect, mercury removal efficiency more than 96%, it will be following the Rockcheck 265m2 sintering machine flue gas treatment project after another capital action blue sky science and technology demonstration project.

   Related technical personnel of our company have been stationed on the project site for several days, the debugging work everything in good order and well arranged dust, a busy scene, "the ongoing denitration dust debugging work, and hope that through the trial operation, found the problem, debugging, finally successfully put into operation." Project commissioning staff said.

   MICROTEK environmental staff for the project devoted a lot of effort, the pre reform due to short duration, day and night fighting at the site, now to make four in one integrated process operation, were busy working overtime to debug. Even so, they are still full of enthusiasm, and full of confidence, I believe they will be in the shortest possible time to debug the system completely, and feel the success of desulfurization and denitrification and mercury removal project successfully put into operation!



   Using this technique, the Rongcheng, ultra clean emissions will make it more comfortable, low operation cost and make it more comfortable, managed operations make it more worry! And this project environmental significance is far more than these, MICROTEK will be in the environment after the completion of the project will desulfurization denitration dust after the by-product, Magnesium Sulfate with magnesium nitrate inside the plant slag, slag and other solid waste combined production of new high-strength, lightweight building integrated special materials: crystal powder, flue gas and solid waste of resources to achieve resource recycling, crystal powder through MICROTEK environmental patent technology production of new building materials to promote the integration of building industry to develop green low-carbon direction.

   In order to allow us to breathe clean air, let us have a green, green, comfortable living environment, MICROTEK environment will continue to strive for more areas to create a blue sky belongs to MICROTEK!

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