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The "Lion" training training report

Writer:Human Resources DepDate:Mar 22,2017
In order to realize the sharing of internal information and knowledge, but to give you more opportunities to show themselves, the release of talent, the company organized internal instructor training courses, teachers are experienced by the internal instructor and professional external lecturer, to train a group of outstanding "training lion", training in March 17th officially commenced.
The first class, taught by the general manager of human resources center Sheng Lei teacher, opened the door for all training lions. The course group as a unit of learning, respectively: the Rockets, lion dance, TNT team and soar team, full of passion and the name loud slogans fully reflects the high enthusiasm of team training lions.
The core target of the first class to become the mentor requirements and standards, Sheng teacher through years of training experience of internal trainers learning five realm for everyone, "said -- do well - teach well - made - good results, to help you quickly get the core points of each level.
The five state model, the trainer's requirements and standards have been deeply printed on every little lion's head, the next course will be for each kind of state more targeted training.
House "Lion" opening lit the "young lions" enthusiasm in the next training course, the course will put forward the target system of training, the training activities, is committed to the development of dedicated, impassioned, dare to express the trainer, sharing through trainers knowledge, for employees to solve the job skills in the confusion, let us look forward to the small house lions shine on this platform!

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