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MICROTEK environment relies on FOSS (Fox) technology to create a new platform for the global green recyclable new material industry

Writer:Brand marketing depDate:Mar 22,2017
February 20, 2017, Beijing MICROTEK environmental Polytron Technologies Inc officially changed its name to MICROTEK environmental Polytron Technologies Inc". In the FOSS (Fox) on the front of the struggle and still struggling with the MICROTEK brothers and sisters contributed, always support, trust MICROTEK environment customers, owners can not afford.
Since 2014, MICROTEK FOSS (R Fuchs) technology in iron and steel, electric power industry since the application of MICROTEK, relying on the industrial flue gas, waste water, solid waste and construction of circular economy industrial park in Tianjin, Shandong, Shanxi in the fall, continuous innovation and change in the industrial scale and the rapid growth in the management and service level. The MICROTEK technology system environment and the system of product development direction gradually with the global development of circular economy rapid integration. This means that, in information, technology and capital flow and change of high speed environmental protection market, FOSS (Fuchs) a wide range of application technology, create a good opportunity to usher in the new cycle of global green new material industry platform for MICROTEK environment!
MICROTEK "FOSS 6+1 [(environment of desulfurization and denitrification, dust removal, mercury removal, wastewater, solid waste) + new green building materials] technology" is to solve the "sustainable development" of environmental governance and economic problems, effective integrated solutions. FOSS 6+1 technology in environmental governance within the industrial park of flue gas resources by-products, industrial solid waste water slag, steel slag, slag, dust and other resources as raw materials, the organic integration of the resources, the waste into new building products with high market value: crystal powder.
The FOSS (Fuchs) prepared the "crystal powder, sulfur oxides, dust, and acid industrial wastewater, industrial solid waste resources of strong nitrogen all of its raw materials from industrial flue gas in the production process does not require a grain of coal, will no longer produce carbon dioxide emissions. "Crystal powder" for the new building materials products of raw materials has the green environmental protection, energy saving and low carbon, heat insulation, A1 has no very fireproof durable, seismic safety and rapid assembly, "crystal powder" has become more and more low carbon building economy, in line with the global residential green low-carbon development the direction of. Crystal powder building materials can reduce the overall weight of the building more than 30%, thermal insulation and fire performance increased by 20%, while saving the overall energy consumption of the building, but also significantly improve the seismic performance of the building.
MICROTEK environment has been a unique look at a variety of waste, and the use of innovative technology research and development system, the integration of a variety of academic resources, turning waste into treasure, given a variety of harmful substances with a new value. FOSS (Fuchs) technology is the dominant position of MICROTEK gas, waste water, solid waste environment to subvert the mainstream governance process in the market, is a challenge to the tradition and authority, this challenge is to change the owners and the government treated flue gas, wastewater, solid waste management concept, the two is to change the industry of environmental protection industry companies treat waste resources attitude, for a vision to "enjoy" the traditional concept of sulfur, denitrification, dust, solid waste and other toxic and harmful substances in the so-called "".
Beijing MICROTEK environmental Polytron Technologies Inc was renamed "MICROTEK" upgraded environmental Polytron Technologies Inc ", is the enterprise comprehensive competitive strength of growth in recent years results, is FOSS (Fuchs) the impact of the technology in the market and gradually expand the results. Renamed MICROTEK environment will continue with the concept of circular economy and sustainable development of the FOSS (Fuchs) to improve the reliability and economy of technology, technology and services continue to provide more safety, higher efficiency, lower operation cost and emission index higher for customers, more efforts for the production and development of escort enterprise customers. A contribution to our.
MICROTEK will rely on the environment FOSS (Fuchs) technology to create a "global green new circular platform" new material industry, we also welcome all agents and distributors, customers and owners to join this new platform, to work together, work together to make the city more beautiful, better life "mission!
Finally, once again thank the FOSS (Fox) on the front of the struggle and still struggling MICROTEK brothers and sisters, as well as always support, trust MICROTEK environment customers, owners! Thank you!

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