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MICROTEK environmental sponsor "2017 cogeneration energy saving and emission reduction technology exchange seminar"

Writer:Brand promotion depDate:Mar 14,2017
On March 2017 09-10, sponsored by Chinese Energy Conservation Association, thermoelectric industry alliance hosted, MICROTEK spokesman sponsored "2017 environmental cogeneration energy-saving emission reduction technology seminar" held in Jilin Changchun smoothly as scheduled. During the meeting, Chinese Energy Conservation Association thermoelectric industry alliance Secretary General Zhang Dongsheng, Professor Xu Jiadong of Northeast Dianli University, MICROTEK Electric Power Chemical Marketing Center General Manager Liu Weiguo and other industry experts, outstanding entrepreneurs attended the meeting. Huarun Xuzhou power plant, Hefei thermal power, Kazakhstan electric group, and many other outstanding enterprises in the power industry and environmental protection enterprises more than 100 representatives attended the meeting.
Mr. Liu Weiguo, general manager of MICROTEK Environmental Power Chemical Marketing Center, did a wonderful report on the application of MICROTEK's concept of environmental recycling economy in industrial flue gas treatment.
In the report, Liu first analyzes the power, chemical and metallurgical industries (industrial flue gas desulfurization denitration dust) to manage the current situation, and then introduced the concept of circular economy MICROTEK environmental industry flue gas treatment, finally summarizes the results and effects of MICROTEK environmental recycling economy flue gas treatment.
MICROTEK environment FOSS integrated management system to achieve the integration of the following four processes:
(1) the process of desulfurization, denitrification, dust removal and mercury removal in a tower of four functions;
(2) the process of the formation of sulfate, nitrate and dust from the by-product of desulfurization and denitration;
(3) sulfate, nitrate, dust and wastewater and solid waste by chemical reaction during the formation of crystal powder;
(4) crystal powder and slag, slag, construction waste and other organic combination of the production of new green building products: crystal board, thermal insulation and decoration integrated plate, sponge products city.
Can cooperative governance system from FOSS technology integration construction process that circular economy is the concept of governance environment MICROTEK advocated "solve the problem" without need to fundamentally change the industrial development status and life style of the current, there is the concept of cooperative governance in social perspective. MICROTEK FOSS integration environment for thermal power industry tailored collaborative governance technologies can help companies achieve SO2, NOX in the flue gas of various pollutants near zero emissions stringent standards, and can realize the power plant waste water, fly ash and other solid waste zero emissions, but also to achieve lower cost of flue gas treatment facilities long time safe operation, improve the overall efficiency of earnings with the power generation equipment.
Leaders and environmental counterparts attended the meeting of Huarun Xuzhou power plant, Hefei thermal power, HPEGC multiple power industry are circular economy law governance environment is a smoke on the MICROTEK tower, NOX, SO2 and dust, mercury removal technology and can meet the low emission standards showed a keen interest in actively at the same time and we discussed the FOSS desulfurization denitration and dust removal of mercury emission clean integration technology "," how to achieve zero waste water zero waste "and other related technical problems, and discuss how to strengthen cooperation and work together to solve environmental problems in power plant, to achieve green plant, MICROTEK environmental protection concept, technology, products expressed vigorously support and praise.
MICROTEK will continue to environment and faster progress, accelerate the FOSS desulfurization and denitrification, dust removal, mercury removal technology applied in the process of integration of the collaborative governance of major power plant, for the benefit of China people, for the benefit of industrial enterprises, to achieve "the expectations and dreams of blue, green, clear water" as soon as possible, every city power Chinese no longer suffered haze, waste water, solid waste pollution of the invasion, also you a piece of blue sky, you are a beautiful city, but also your wonderfull life!

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