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MICROTEK environment open partner platform to create MICROTEK blue"

Writer:Brand promotion depDate:Mar 8,2017

In March 2, 2017, CEC, clean environment, Datang environment, Guodian Longyuan environmental protection research designer and general manager of MICROTEK smart deep environment circular economy Industrial Park (Tianjin), visit. MICROTEK Environmental Industry Park (Tianjin) circular economy demonstration base is MICROTEK environment based on circular economy technology research and development of FOSS 6+1 (the concept of desulfurization and denitrification, dust removal, mercury removal, waste water, solid waste and zero zero new green building materials products) typical project integration solutions, now has a new heat insulation and decoration integrated plate 3 million square meters / year, crystal plate production line of 8 million square meters / year, sponge City products 450 thousand tons / year production capacity, the annual consumption of industrial wastewater and solid waste garbage off a lot of power within the region, where the project is located to the green recycling ecological park transformation.

During the visit, the MICROTEK environment reception team introduced the FOSS based technology, aiming at the problems in the development and production of recycling guests about the proposed flue gas treatment and by-product utilization, building materials products are made in detail. The expedition after you visit the leading FOSS based technology to MICROTEK environmental advantages and economic benefit and social benefit are praised, said at the same time, hope that the management of technology for MICROTEK environment can have more chances to communicate, we work together to China green industry pollution contribution.

MICROTEK FOSS 6+1 (Environmental desulfurization and denitrification, dust removal, mercury removal, waste water, solid waste and zero zero green building materials) solutions are supported iron and steel, electric power, chemical industry is committed to solve the industry environment and the global energy consumption caused by a series of negative effects on environment. Through the FOSS from flue gas, wastewater and solid waste treatment technologies can be integrated and coordinated, iron and steel, electric power, chemical industry customers in the production process of flue gas, wastewater and solid waste through independent research and development technology of organic integration together, to produce high strength lightweight new building materials. MICROTEK environment by using flue gas processing by-products, waste water and industrial solid waste production of building materials products are changing the storage pattern of environmental pollutants, changing the current building integration industry, promote the development of intelligent building, updating industry model, to create a new map, prefabricated building intelligent building, building integrated resources 4, will help the industrialization of clean production in the era of progress.

Professional technical team, Gaozhan R & D team, with the operation team, strong sales team always keep the beginning of the heart in the tide of development in the environment of MICROTEK, with "passion for innovation and efficient execution, Yeshine straight" values and "partner culture" concept of the company in the big wave of circular economy in the strategy and layout of the forefront. The government, manufacturing companies, design institutes, engineering companies, environmental protection agencies, suppliers, agencies is an important member of the MICROTEK partner platform environment, we are willing to work with colleagues to work together to create a more beautiful city, create a wonderfull life! Welcome to MICROTEK environmental partner platform!

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