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Report of the 2016 annual report of the panel

Writer:Human Resources DepDate:Mar 7,2017

2016 graduates have been recruited for half a year, according to the company's training plan for graduating students, has come to a group of nodes report the second phase of the project, according to their needs by the subject graduates found practice in professional knowledge training and the scene of the first phase of improved technology or self interested in technology to develop. This training program, on the one hand to strengthen the new employee team and independent ability to find and solve problems, expand the scope of the new employee's knowledge; on the other hand, the collision of innovative thinking and traditional thinking, can stimulate the experienced technical personnel have the ability of innovation and enthusiasm!

February 24th, the 2016 annual report of the birth of the team in the MICROTEK environmental headquarters kicked off. The jury by Sheng Lei, general manager of Human Resource Center production center general manager Li Junsong, general manager of Wang Jian, director of Engineering Technology Center in Miao composition. In the report content, from the topic to the solution from the current problems, to realize the value of each group made a brilliant report, with the jury of the wisdom of mediation, is showing courage and passion for innovation fearless ". After the end of the report, the judges are full of praise for the content of the report and the performance of the students, given a high degree of recognition, and encourage everyone to continue to maintain the enthusiasm of this innovation in the future work.
The report of the subject, the basic realization of the company for the stage of the goal of personnel training, to show the new students after the first two stages of training after the perfect transformation. After two stages of training, fresh students have mastered the basic knowledge of the process, but also on their own development direction has a preliminary positioning. The third phase of the training will pay more attention to the individual professional ability, expect in the next assessment stage, graduating students to more humble attitude of learning, more stringent standards themselves, to effectively improve their comprehensive ability!
The continuous emission of the bright younger generation for the MICROTEK environment provides an inexhaustible source of innovation, MICROTEK will continue to keep the spirit of innovation environment, lack of challenge in the traditional process, and constantly improve themselves, to create a sky for the people of the world!

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