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Technical intelligence bureau!

Writer:Human Resources DepDate:Mar 7,2017

In order to strengthen the knowledge structure of employees, enhance the professional ability, strengthen staff awareness of the company's technology and master the "forum", MICROTEK launched a new training forum - "technical information bureau", March 3rd, the first in MICROTEK technical information office environment building 21 floor large conference room open about passion!
This course has invited Mr. He Hanjun manager of technology center and marketing center director Mr. Fang Chenggang served as the training instructor, respectively, as we teach "tail gas treatment chemical power basic knowledge" and "MICROTEK environment and solid waste comprehensive treatment of flue gas solution technology". Participate in the training of new employees not only need to replenish nutrients and technology, the general manager of the center, process, principle and technological advantages of the participants for a variety of desulfurization and denitration technology and the feasibility of FOSS technology discussed in detail.

From the chemical power industry emission characteristics to a variety of desulfurization and denitrification process of comparison, the total all-round and multi angle to introduce the denitration technology of the industry's most advanced and most commonly used in desulfurization, inspires everyone's enthusiasm for learning. The manager from the sales point of view, a detailed introduction of the background and the MICROTEK FOSS 6+1 technology on the rise of MICROTEK development, nearly ten years of magnesium desulfurization, while the development of the MICROTEK building, also put forward their own opinion.

The exquisite layout rigorous professional training courseware, explain the scene, ask the technology, always exudes the charm of technology. The training aims at basic knowledge of industry and technology teaching, lead us forward industry door, more in-depth and more targeted training courses will be in the "technical information agency" classes, hope "technical information office" can effectively enhance the understanding of the various departments of technology, to develop a "technology team"!

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