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Writer:Human Resources DepDate:Mar 7,2017

Bid farewell to a leisurely weekend, a new week, new weather. A novel and interesting MICROTEK forum, a unique sharing party to send invitations to crystal powder!
The sleek Cherry Tomatoes, red blow play can be broken; yellow melon juice with soup, a black bar is stretched drool with envy; melon aroma, eye-catching. The soft and comfortable sofa, full-bodied coffee, sweet tea, pleasant atmosphere make people full of mystery transported with joy, the course has attracted many colleagues coming.

In the sharing process, Master share their recent thinking and good, fun, easy mobile phone APP recommended to everyone, physical fitness "KEEP", "learning English is fluent in English, said" work study "FLUENT", "ANSYS" software...... From work to study, from life to broaden our horizons, our sharing of communication involves all aspects, but also for different work problems to provide more solutions.
Shared party lasted 2 hours, each participant is actively sharing their own fun and fun to help the positive energy is full of good things. In the face of the crowd was too busy to attend to all recommended, I do not know how to choose. As the talent development manager Wang Yue said, "the best thing is not necessarily the most useful, to find what they need, what is the most important thing".

MICROTEK forum training to make more "crystal powder" to enhance their own, in the workplace to find more suitable for their role and position, for different periods of "crystal powder" challenges, carry out related training courses. MICROTEK forum looking forward to your participation!

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