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"Relying on the flue gas, wastewater and solid waste Jiaocheng construction of MICROTEK new green materials recycling economy industrial park project and Meijin sintering and pelletizing, Jin 2*30 million KW ultra clean emissions project groundbreaking c

Writer:Business marketSource:MICROTEK environmen Date:Mar 3,2017
In March 3, 2017 8:00, the gongs and drums and gongs bursts of firecrackers, "MICROTEK (Shanxi) new material Co. Ltd, Jiaocheng flue gas, wastewater, solid waste based on the resources construction of new green materials recycling economy industrial park project and Meijin sintering and pelletizing, Jin 2*30 million kilowatts ultra clean emissions unit project" start ceremony MICROTEK kicked off the environment stationed in Shanxi Province, to participate in this meeting the director of Shanxi Province Ecological Environment Research Center Yuan Jin, deputy director of the Lvliang Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, the county Party Secretary Liu Yinggang, Niu Jianping Jiaocheng Jiaocheng County Deputy Secretary Zhang Luping, and director of Jiaocheng Jiaocheng County Magistrate Liu Wenhai, county people's Congress Chairman of the CPPCC Sang Xiaoping Jiaocheng, Meijin Yao Sanjun, vice president of the group, Meijin energy general manager Yao Junqing, Jin coal general manager Zhang Zhang, MICROTEK chairman Chang Hui Tong environment, in the The meeting of government leaders, business leaders a total of more than 140 people. The ceremony of Jiaocheng County Magistrate Zhang Luping said the general assembly, the project Meijin energy general manager Yao Junqing and MICROTEK chairman Tong Shanghui respectively in the environment of circular economy industrial park is introduced, the director, deputy director and secretary Liu cattle were also in the construction of the project significance of speech.
The "relying on the Jiaocheng waste gas and waste water and solid waste resources and the construction of the MICROTEK green new materials circular economy industrial park project, a total of two sets of construction environmental control system, a new green material factory. Two sets of environmental governance projects are: Meijin group 2*132m2 sintering machine flue gas treatment, Jin coal group 2*30 million KW, emerging green materials plant a total area of 21000 square meters, after the operation, with an annual output of 8 million square meters, heat insulation and decoration integrated plate supporting Meichao insulation board is 300 thousand cubic meters, 500 thousand cubic crystal brick. Every year the consumptive Jiaocheng industrial park enterprises emissions 105 thousand tons of sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide 1000 tons, 600 thousand tons of wastewater, industrial solid waste 800 thousand tons, reducing coal consumption of 100 thousand tons. These figures mean that MICROTEK environment can pass the FOSS? 6+1 solution will Shanxi Province governance a pleasant environment of beautiful scenery, can the city into an ecological city.
The new material technology MICROTEK Environmental Economic Industrial Park project full use of their own accumulation from the beginning of 2006, relying on Meijin steel, China Jin power plant and industrial park environmental governance of flue gas resources by-products, industrial solid waste water slag, steel slag, slag, dust and other resources as raw materials, through the MICROTEK FOSS 6+1? Will these resources through purification - trapping process screening - grading, will waste into new building products with high market value, these building products with excellent performance, is in line with the Shanxi province is currently promoting the urbanization construction, namely assembly architecture, green energy-saving building, city sponge system, also in line with the policy the direction of sustainable development of eco city green construction of the national advocacy. In recent years, the green assembly building technology exposure is more and more high, high-rise building technology turned steel structure houses, green building energy-saving integrated super commercial center, Chinese current construction industry is mainly dependent on the construction workers shoulder hand built, the main material is brick, tile, glass, cement and steel. The production efficiency is low, serious waste of materials, environmental impact of the process has continued to increase. With the rapid development of urbanization, the rapid rise in labor costs, and the popularization of green building materials, green, low energy consumption, intelligent building system technology and products have broad space for development.
MICROTEK FOSS solutions, 6+1, is supporting the steel, electricity, chemical industry to address the industry's environmental and global energy consumption caused by a series of negative environmental effects. Through the FOSS flue gas, waste water, solid waste? The integration of collaborative governance technology, steel, power and chemical production emissions in the process of flue gas, wastewater and solid waste through the "powder" technology of organic integration together, created by "crystal powder" of new building materials product performance is superior to similar products in the market, has the characteristics of rapid assembly that conforms to the national requirements for future planning and construction materials, so MICROTEK environment FOSS? 6+1 solution provides technical support for the green transformation of enterprises, to provide a source of power technology for strong green economic development in Shanxi Province, to promote the pace of urbanization China.
MICROTEK environment has been a unique view of resources, with innovative technology system, the integration of resource architecture. Today, the net emissions of engineering project economic super cycle Industrial Park Jin and sintering machine, Jin turbine project started, marking the MICROTEK of Jiaocheng technology input has entered a substantive stage, MICROTEK will in our common witness, the gold standard of forging the most safe and high-quality projects, for the enterprise, provide technical services for the most first-class government, is worthy of the name Jiaocheng, Shanxi create environmental benefits, economic benefits, promote the development of green Jiaocheng and Shanxi! Under the government's policy support, MICROTEK environment will create an industry legend project! Under the support of the government, the MICROTEK environment will be to make the city more beautiful, better life, as the responsibility for the continued prosperity and development of the city, to contribute to the construction of beautiful china!

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