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Crystal coin prizes award, innovation, mutual assistance increased month by month

Writer:Human Resources DepDate:Feb 23,2017

On the afternoon of February 16th, in the blue sky and white clouds intertwined, in the passion and expectations of communication, in January the crystal coin awards ceremony held in the enthusiasm of the staff of MICROTEK environment room!

In the afternoon tea time, cheerful music makes people feel fresh, fresh fruit is on the table as a carefree and content, let everyone live in the eyes of envy was revealed. Cute turnip umbrella, simple intelligent yogurt machine, fashion funny pig nose cup, creative "dustpan" doll...... Dazzling gift to make the 10 winners dazzling.

The first general Wang He first selected by the ABS wheel, facing the camera's smile, estimation is mind has fantasy of his practice into eight ABS look.

Second non - Standard Department Bi Qianqian took away the Jo Kerry Lee, firmly believe that there must be a good practice, for an early grasp of this talent.

Third personnel Li Hongyan chose millet mobile power, and joked that his cell phone will never be hungry again.

Feng Chunguang, Jiang Yang Department of Civil Technology Department, financial department, Zhang Mengru electric thermal control department Shirley Cheung, Yang Haitao, Rong Cheng run business market department, sales department Gou hehe four Wan Zhaohui are followed to get their gift of love. The January awards ceremony gift crystal coins ended, with the winners.

As the number of monthly grain currency rose month by month, increase innovation, mutual aid type crystal coins proportion! Corporate culture is a step by step into the hearts of every MICROTEK employees. We believe that the passion of innovation, efficient implementation, the value of the letter straight line will be accompanied by every one of the MICROTEK people, so that MICROTEK blue world vision closer!

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