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MICROTEK environmental technology and business training conference 2017

Writer:General manager offDate:Feb 23,2017

In 2016, MICROTEK FOSS 6+1 (with the environment of desulfurization and denitrification, dust removal, mercury removal, waste water, solid waste and zero zero green building materials products) integrated solutions, opened a prelude to the idea of circular economy and the layout of the national electric power, metallurgy, coking industry flue gas comprehensive management! In 2017, MICROTEK will continue to expand the scope of business to follow up a victory with hot pursuit, will grow, the construction project gradually extended to the overseas market. To clear the direction of the market and that to achieve the goal of market dominant technology and the necessary elements of management, in February 15, 2017, MICROTEK Chairman Mr. Tong Shanghui on the theme of "environmental technology and business" training for front-line team and management departments, to the main technology products company pointed out that in 2017, the market scope of business focus and clear internal management elements.

Through the use of "material eternal law" and "law of conservation of matter", MICROTEK has become the world's first application of environmental economic sustainable capture of sulfur and nitrogen oxides and solid waste recycling technology "national high-tech enterprise, it is simple, FOSS based technology we will capture the pollutants, reborn in the composite base gelling agent - crystal powder under the action of a persistent competition in the cost and performance of building materials (building materials series products include crystal plate, permeable brick, brick, A1 grade fireproof insulation insulation board and BM block etc.), this is the circular economy pollution control concept used in the real practice and breakthrough continued economic benefits.

With the process of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides into the production of building materials with good compatibility advantages (substances to capture and use of technology - capture and waste comprehensive utilization technology, new building materials production technology), FOSS technology has the absolute competitiveness in the field of metallurgy, coking and chemical industry, thermal power thermoelectric field.

1 in the field of iron and steel metallurgy

1) FOSS technology with good compatibility and scalability, greatly improve the production capacity of sintered pellet equipment;

2) it is easy to achieve ultra clean emissions and continue to meet emission standards continue to improve;

3) to achieve solid multi-purpose products with high added value conversion, solve problems.

2 thermal power in the field of thermal power:

1) FOSS technology can greatly improve the stability of power production equipment, maintain high load operation efficiency, improve power generation efficiency;

2 easy to achieve ultra clean emissions and continue to meet emission standards continue to improve;

3) easy to reduce the cost of electricity generation and significantly reduce the cost of desulfurization and denitrification facilities.

3 in the field of coking and chemical industry:

1) FOSS technology is currently the only time to meet the denitration and desulfurization synchronization process;

2 can deal with coking industry flue gas humidity problem.

In market development, at present because of waste water and solid waste emissions of three pollutants caused severe environmental damage, frequent haze, decline in the quality of drinking water, crops suffer from pollution, our health is under threat to solve pollution imminent. FOSS 6+1 can solve the problem of synchronous integration waste solutions, is not only a technical and environmental technology, and is a kind of new productivity, can realize the "green" and "waste recycling" governance, and improve the main production equipment production efficiency; FOSS 6+1 is not only a the strategy is a new governance model and business model, which can help the enterprise to advance into the 4 industrial era, is a green clean production tool; FOSS 6+1 can help the government to create a green city circle, is the healthy development of the city of wisdom FOSS 6+1 direction; can provide the impetus for the construction of the beautiful Chinese. Is to cultivate a new productivity platform; FOSS 6+1 can achieve a better life platform for employees, partners, is a new way to create wealth!

In the face of market environment trillion market capacity, MICROTEK sustainability environment always maintain the technology to the application of generation, reserve generation, the development of generation "development philosophy and forward-looking;" corporate governance standards, not to count the number of "bigger and stronger; improve the combat effectiveness of the team with passion and innovation efficient execution, Yeshine straight" values and "partner culture" management idea; "comfortable and assured, peace of mind, heart, warm heart" of the six heart service standards to win the customer's recognition and support. In addition we have to rely on an invincible sales team, a team full of mysterious force operations team to victory in the commercial tide!

In this way, we will finally realize the great dream and dream of MICROTEK blue world!

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