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Thai Steel Group and the group of experts to inspect and guide the project department

Writer:Taigang project depDate:Feb 17,2017
The afternoon of February 14, 2017, the Thai steel group leadership and quality system certification and the group of experts visit Taigang project department, project of environmental protection work carried out inspection and guidance and put forward relevant suggestions and recommendations.
Inspection team leader of the project Department of the various processes were visited, while listening to the report of environmental protection work. During the project manager Wang Xiaojun introduced the FOSS technology in detail, and answered the questions raised by the panel on desulfurization technology and related environmental measures. Visiting leaders to our company in the field of environmental protection measures taken positive and praise, and environmental protection work of the project put forward relevant suggestions. We are required to further enhance the level of environmental management in strict accordance with the environmental protection standards and requirements, effectively eliminate the hidden dangers of environmental pollution, strengthen the comprehensive management of the environment, and create a new situation of environmental protection management.
At the beginning of the new year, environmental protection work smoothly and effectively, at the same time, MICROTEK environmental response related policies and regulations, the implementation of each environmental protection work, the real implementation of environmental protection. MICROTEK will struggle in the new environmental protection line, harmony and usher in a better environment.

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