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MICROTEK environmental photography exhibition ended

Date:Feb 10,2017

MICROTEK environmental photography exhibition officially closed in February 8, 2017. Each photo vividly reflects the enthusiasm of each employee, showing as a MICROTEK, as the responsibility of environmental protection and play.

Author: Wang Chunxia

Introduction: each group of experiments are done with this, the slurry splashed on the clothes, face, wipe, continue! The R & D team daily work, research work is though thousands of attempts not to give up, there is no lack of passion and challenge course meticulous tenacity!


Author: Wang He

Brief introduction: hung red banners, he would like to take the most beautiful tower look. The evening twilight sunset, he came with the tower in the photo.

Author: Wang Haixia

Introduction: every day for the family to do, may seem to be so small, so unusual, but this is done the day in and day out, year after year, is the most real, most rich in true feelings.



Author: Mo Zhenbiao

Tired and happy. In mid August 2016, 230 projects to transform the dust removal. Photo left and right Tuli colleagues hashen Gul's colleague Xue Jilei just from the electric dust removal equipment within the work finished, met was about to enter the absorption tower colleague Yan Qing mud bowen. They do not care about the dust on the upper body, the dirt on the face, actually happily to teach the dust inside the dust to the skills. I was afraid that they are not afraid of tired, optimistic about the spirit of the infection, then the camera recorded the moment.


Author: Guo Zhiyuan

Introduction: "Shudao difficult, almost inaccessible, and MICROTEK in the environmental protection the" Ascension "is still fighting for!

Author: Zhang Hainan
Introduction: the Yangjiang project officially started, with the blue sky and white clouds, the distance is very beautiful, but only near the Loess ditch, dusty, dirty our colleagues, decided to work in the first line; Guangdong summer hot day, but for the sake of safety, only wearing long sleeves, colleagues are not afraid of suffering, even sweating, determined not to retreat. Although today the site is a barren, but three months later, it will be built into a MICROTEK tower, the "ESSE" logo will guide in the tower, which is a pioneer, this is our dedication of a good colleague, paid tribute to the dedication of the people.

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