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MICROTEK environment 2017 Winter Campus Recruitment summary

Date:Jan 19,2017

October 10, 2016, the face of the invasion of haze, MICROTEK environment at the University of Science and Technology Beijing started the first 2017 campus recruitment! Until the end of December 2016, which lasted more than 2 months of recruitment trip, Beijing Tianjin Hebei, front across the northeast, northwest, Shandong province 17 city 9. Under this dome, not only did not repel the enthusiasm of the students to apply for a job, but to arouse the students' environmental awareness and actively rushed to the environmental protection industry.

The 82 day, 54 colleges and universities, a total of 4463 resumes, the signing of the 106!

Taking the ratio of 42:1, the MICROTEK concept selection witnessed a mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore.

As the students asked: MICROTEK environment from the resume to confirm the recruitment to experience online written / offline character test / first test / leaderless group discussion / professional written examination so many processes, screening criteria in the end is what?

See haze will heartache!!!

Known as the book, the book, the rationale!!

Have the ability and enthusiasm to fight with us!

- this is the standard of MICROTEK environmental selection of talent!

In the context of the environment is seriously polluted, MICROTEK needs not only the mechanical work of the staff, but there are partners in environmental protection dream! Is with a green heart, want to contribute to the cause of China's environmental protection of their own strength!

Currently, the 2017 winter MICROTEK campus recruitment has successfully completed the curtain. But we still need more people with lofty ideals to join the MICROTEK environment, join the environmental team! MICROTEK environment 2017 Spring campus recruitment campaign is about to begin!

The young Margaret invasion design, not broken haze will not have!

In 2017, our spring!

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