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MICROTEK environment coin activity report

Date:Jan 16,2017

Time flies, imperceptibly, grain currency activity has been accompanied by a crystal powder children over 9 months of time, if you still ask "what is the crystal coins? How to get the crystal coins? What is the use of crystal coins?" The three ultimate questions, and listen to the small crystal meanders.

In March 1, 2016, the spring breeze is warm, the beautiful spring light shines on the earth, everything presents a life, every corner of the earth is full of the breath of spring. "MICROTEK bank" with the pace of the spring has come to us, and for message straight deeds, to encourage responsible behavior, so that every MICROTEK people are involved in the passion of innovation of enterprise culture activities, "MICROTEK bank" issued crystal coins as an internal currency, in the monthly exchange cultural gifts, quarterly and annual cash award.

In every crystal coins gift issued by the scene, we can see the crystal powder children filled in when choosing a gift on the face of smile, also can feel hidden in the heart of powder have passion for innovation, efficient execution, Yeshine straight value identity, which is crystal coins the existence and significance of circulation.


Through the accumulation of these 9 months, there has been a growing number of crystal powder children get the crystal coins, as of December 2016, the proposed increase in the amount of crystal coins have accounted for a total of up to 64%. Positive innovation has become a popular learning guide and help crystal-like money also increased month by month, guiding the company senior couples have become the norm, mutual help between colleagues is to become the company of a beautiful landscape.


In the following days, crystal powder MICROTEK also hope to have more and more able to act to win the crystal coins activities to your bank account and rich, let passion, let popular innovation! Let us work together to create a MICROTEK environment into the most shining star!

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