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MICROTEK environment Pingxiang project 2017 Spring Festival evening Report

Date:Jan 13,2017
Farewell to the even on rainy days, the sun finally smiled, the spring footsteps approaching, the January 3, 2017 Pingxiang project department held a new year party in Luyuan villa. Sun Mingjian, director of the center for production has been fighting in the front line colleagues sent holiday greetings, and in 2016 the results of the work of the project Department of Pingxiang to give sincere praise. Zhang Yi, the project manager, concluded: "the lack of review, we can do our best to encourage their own forward; look forward to the future, in order to tap their potential to forge ahead."
During the party, we are passionate, have demonstrated a variety of talent, singing and laughter swept the heavy mood caused by haze days! In the cheers of everyone, Liu Shandong's a love song opened the curtain of the Spring Festival Gala, won bursts of cheers. When we are still immersed in the excitement of the song, the host's inspirational words and all the people's thoughts from the song dragged back to the lottery link, a variety of prizes set off one after another cheers. Draw audience turn hey, lucky people took their own as cheerful as a lark's surprise gift; riddles link, open up all the brainstorming, understand and answer God turning really become an independent school dumbfounding; little wit one of Jiang Weicheng's "model" caused by the audience in the chorus. In the clear song, accompanied by the fun of the game, a variety of gifts, all of them are full of enthusiasm into the 2017!
2017, let us carry the hope, with good wishes, towards the realization of the city more beautiful, better life, the mission of endeavour! The vigorous development of the company provides us with a larger stage, which is both an opportunity and a challenge for everyone. In 2016 to stick to every people in the first line of applause, let us continue to move forward, to create a more brilliant performance of the 2017!

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