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Report on cooperation between MICROTEK and Weifang Special Steel Group

Date:Jan 6,2017

The old will do, new year begins, in December 31, 2016, Beijing MICROTEK environmental Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as MICROTEK environment) and Weifang Special Steel Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Weifang steel) signed the "Weifang Special Steel Group Co., Ltd. 2 * 230m2 sintering machine flue gas dust removal desulfurization general contracting contract". Weifang special steel management leadership and production department leadership on the MICROTEK environment technology extremely recognized, hope to be able to achieve further cooperation in the production and processing of products in the future.

This project adopts MICROTEK FOSS 4+1 environment by magnesium desulfurization, denitration, dust, mercury removal integration patent technology of 2 * 230m2 sintering flue gas integrated purification treatment, flue gas treatment can achieve ultra-low emissions standards. FOSS 4+1 technology has mature technology, stable operation, desulfurization efficiency and other advantages, and can achieve desulfurization waste zero emissions, flue gas and solid waste of resources to achieve resource recycling, environment with MICROTEK advanced materials technology to promote industrial development to the global integration of building green low-carbon direction.

The signing of the project to continue to expand the market share of MICROTEK environmental purification in Shandong flue gas, is also a project after the wind power plant, thermal power and Taigang sintering has week North milepost significance, the project for the further deep market in Shandong, expanding the MICROTEK environment has a positive significance in flue gas treatment status of the industry, once again MICROTEK confirms the technical advantages in the field of environment of ultra low emission and leading position, MICROTEK is also a strong environment in-depth practice of flue gas purification step in the concept of circular economy.

MICROTEK will continue to uphold the environment to make the city more beautiful, better life, the mission, the future, for the blue sky of the motherland to contribute!

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