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MICROTEK environment won the "Second China's circular economy patent award" first prize

Date:Jul 11,2016

The day before, learned from the association of circular economy China Award: the second session of the circular economy Chinese patent review work has been completed, according to the "measures" award award of circular economy Chinese the patent, patent award from the four aspects of patent quality, advanced technology, application and protection measures and effect and social benefit and development prospects as the patent review the basis, selected 30 winning projects. In this selection, Beijing MICROTEK good environment magnesium Polytron Technologies Inc chairman Tong Shanghui of the invention patent "the use of FGD water production of seven Magnesium Sulfate method" by the expert panel of layers of screening, eventually won the first prize.

The "circular economy Chinese patent award" is based on the State Intellectual Property Office "Chinese patent award" for work deployment, in-depth implementation of the national intellectual property strategy driven development strategy and innovation in the field of circular economy, strengthen the use and protection of intellectual property rights work oriented, to encourage and recognize outstanding contributions to promoting the development of circular economy in China Patent and the inventor, while promoting the technical field of circular economy key patent application, patent system to improve the effective use of resources recycling industry innovation driven development ability.

Methods the award-winning invention patent "the production and utilization of desulfurization waste water of seven Magnesium Sulfate (Patent No.: ZL201210100244.8)" developed a method of production and utilization of FGD water seven Magnesium Sulfate, which comprises the following steps: (1) pulping steps; (2) desulfurization steps; (3) slurry discharge steps; (4) the filtering step; (5) concentration step; (6) crystallization. By using the method of the invention, the high value byproduct can be synchronously produced in the process of flue gas desulfurization by using the Magnesium Oxide method. Therefore, this method can be used to prepare high purity Magnesium Sulfate.

The present invention patent patent is the core of MICROTEK environmental magnesium desulphurization technology, is an important achievement of the company for many years of independent research and development, obtained the results of desulfurization can meet the metallurgical industry, power industry, pellet sintering machine, all coal-fired units at the same time, a good solution to the current market in desulfurizing agent and desulfurization by-products the disposal problem, change the traditional desulfurization technology into the status quo is not output, avoid pollution two FGD desulphurization by-product formation, let truly become a high economic value and extensive use of chemical products.

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