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In 2014, the government of Tianjin Municipality authorized ESSE’s FOSS@6+1to be built in its Binhai New District area, to demonstrate the recycling economy in dealing with waste fuel gas, waste water, solid wastes from industry and city. This production base is the largest one in northern area producing assembly construction material. The total area of this base is up to 260 acre, consists of 9 workshops with total space up to 110,000 square meters. The main product lines are high strength light weight wall material, decorative, thermal protection and fire-proofing 3-in-1 panels, and inorganic fire proofing and thermal protection board.


The FGD facilities installed in Tianjin area keeps 100% synchronization with main machine since 2014, the emission index in terms of SO2, NOx, dust remains below 35mg/Nm3, 50mg/Nm3, 30 mg/Nm3 respectively, which is superior than local prevailing standards. Plus, we also ensure its waste water, solid wastes to be taken over thanks to our production base of the construction material who allows us fully reutilize the wastes generated in plants.


Our production base in Tianjin contributes annually the reduction of SO2 emission up to 200,000 ton, of NOx emission up to 180,000 tons, and produce the by-products (Magnesium sulfite and Magnesium nitrite) from waste solution after fuel gas treatment up to 1.9 million tons annum, which can absorb various industrial and architectural wastes up to 3.1 million toms to produce the green construction material up to 5 million tons annum, with total sales turnover up to 3 billion RMB.

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