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After investigating the existing system, ESSE proposed the technical solution of its FOSS®4+1. After revamping, the new system can meet the prevailing standard and regulations issued by Shandong province in the year 2017 in terms of de-SO2, de-NOx, De-Mercury as well. The existing scrubber tower and sub-product production system has been also utilized to minimize the initial investment on condition that the emission index is in the line of the prevailing standard.


Besides, ESSE also supplied the tailor made services to help customer solve the waste water and solid waste problems.


The revamped FGD system can achieve exit SO2 emission less than 30mg/Nm3, exit dust less than 20 mg/Nm3, exit NOx 50mg/Nm3 after integrating with FGD system. All index is followed strictly and beyond the performance designated in technical proposal. The operating cost of unit ton of sintered ore is reduced to RMB 4.19-5.16/t, saving the annual operation cost by xxxx.


After the system is put into operation, the charges for disposal pollutant can be saved by 2.6million RMB thanks to our reutilization of waste water and waste solid. We will build another new production line of the green construction material in Zibo with capacity of 1.6 million m3 after Tai’An production line has been putting into operation with its capacity of 180,000 m3. Therefore, can absorb 200,000 ton of magnesium sulfite and magnesium nitrite, 1.12 million tons of waste water and 350,000 ton of solid wastes.

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