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The flue gas emissions of coke oven chimney contain a large number of pollutants, and they are continuous point source emissions, so coke oven is one of the more serious pollution industry. The relative temperature of its flue gas is below 250℃, so it is not suitable to use same process of denitrification to that of power plant. The traditional desulfurization and denitrification method is the main reason of restricting development of controlling the flue gas pollution in the coke oven industry due to the high cost and the initial investment. FOSS®4+1solution for coke oven flue gas can meet near zero emission standards of SO2, NOX, dust.The reaction temperature of denitration is between 80℃ and 300℃, so coke oven flue gas can complete the denitrification process. The simple and unique FOSS®4+1 solution not only avoid the traditional defects of NH3-SCR / SNCR process, reduce the customer's pressure and cost pressures, but also save equipment footprint, so it is a green recyclable economy of the typical technology.

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