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With the continuous improvement of the amount of crude oil processing and the deterioration of crude oil quality, the pollutant discharge is high, and the pollutant discharge standard is the focus of the current national environmental protection work. Based on the high sulfur and nitrogen content of FCC oil in the new refinery, the comprehensive consideration of sulfur and nitrate integration is the development trend of environmental technology in petrochemical industry while improving product quality.


FOSS®4+1 comprehensive treatment solution of flue gas for petrochemical industry can simultaneously achieve desulfurization, denitrification, dust removal and mercury integration, and achieve zero discharge of waste water of desulfurization, so it is in line with China's flue gas purification development trend of the best solution. FOSS®4+1 petrochemical flue solutions help the petrochemical industry to reduce environmental protection pressure, reduce operating costs, improve production efficiency and reduce the risk of environmental safety accidents.

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