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Concept of environmental protection. ESSE shoulders the task of research and development of global environmental innovation solutions. At present, ESSE’s "FOSS®6+1" solutions are supporting the steel industry to be committed to eliminate the negative influence on the environment and global energy consumption, such as the haze. Through the integrated treatment technology, we produced high-strength lightweight new building material by made of flue gas, waste water, solid waste with the "crystal powder", and do our best to reduce the environmental destruction of the high energy consumption of cement, but also reduced customers’ pressure.

The FOSS® 6 + 1 steel industry solution in the crystal environment combines a number of flue gas desulfurization and denitrification, industrial wastewater and desulfurization and denitrification wastewater, slag slag and dust and other technology, the final output of green high-strength lightweight building materials, to provide A high efficiency, near zero emissions, low operating costs, zero waste solid waste recycling economy and can quickly meet the industrial clean production standards of environmental comprehensive management solutions.

FOSS® 6+1 solution will exceed customer expectations. It not only provides an environmental management program for the iron and steel industry, but also is a new mode of production, which representing a development model for the enterprise in the industrial 4.0 era.

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