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With decades of experience in the field of flue gas treatment of power generation boiler, ESSE invented the FOSS®6+1 integrated solution, which can not only meet the stringent standards of near-zero emissions of flue gas as well as no emissions of waste water, fly ash and other solid waste, but also spend less money on long-term safe operation of flue gas treatment facilities.


FOSS®6 + 1 flue gas treatment comprehensive solution of power generation boiler is based on the recycling economy management concept of the whole plant flue gas, waste water, solid waste and the integration of the removal process line. It’s suitable for higher requirements of clean production, or more stringent standards of industrial waste water, solid waste emissions. FOSS®6 + 1 can easily let you get significant and stable economic benefits and completely lift your environmental pressure, FOSS®6+1 meet The customer's higher standards and requirements perfectly.

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