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Due to the global depressed demand and environmental problems in recent years, chemical industry is facing greater challenges in its sustainable development. The implementation of circular economy is the inevitable choice for the sustainable development of China's chemical industry. Only the emphasis on recycling and recycling of industrial waste, can we improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, whereas flue gas pollutants is a new kind of valuable recycling resources. FOSS® 6+1 integrated synergistic technology meet this new requirements. Under the premise of discharge standards, FOSS® 6+1 solutions realize the recycling of resources, and create the output of a new economic value, and reap a better economic benefits.


In addition to environmental benefits and direct economic benefits, through the implementation of FOSS® 6+1 solutions, the chemical industry customers can gain greater management benefits in the environmental management. The treatment of solid waste, waste water purification and chemical solid waste, all are required individual personnel maintenance, operations and management, so need to spend a lot of money.


FOSS®6+1 solutions can realize centralized treatment of six pollutants simultaneously in the same system, so it will reduce the cost of environmental management facilities, and reduce expenditure ranging from millions to millions every year.


Through the FOSS® 6+1 integrated treatment technology, we produced high-strength lightweight new building material by made of flue gas, waste water, solid waste with the by-products of gas desulfurization and denitrification. And it provides a set of green recycling treatment method for chemical industry customers, and help them reduce environmental pressure, so it’s the most perfect technology of chemical industry for gas treatment.

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