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The high concentration of industrial activities, in a sense, is conducive to regional sustainable development and environmental protection. Whereas it’s one of the most prominent areas of environmental issues. What kind of solutions are adopted are essential to the development of industrial parks and environmental protection, also essential to realization of economic efficiency, environmental benefits and social benefits at the same time.


Promoting the transformation of industrial parks rewards to the direction of green and eco-industrial parks, is an important way for accelerate the transformation of economic development and solve the bottleneck of resources and environment.


Through the FOSS®6+1 industrial park solutions, ESSE produced high-strength lightweight new building material by made of industrial solid waste, waste water with the by-products of gas desulfurization and denitrification, such as fly ash, calcium carbide ash, water slag, steel slag, furnace slag, ash slag, construction waste and so on, by scientific ratio and special production equipment without firing process. It solved all kinds of pollutants in the industrial park, and led the regional economic development by means of the building materials production, is up to the highest requirements of circular economy.


FOSS® 6+1 industrial park environmental comprehensive treatment solutions not only promote the industrial 4.0 transformation and upgrading, but speed up the industrial clean production. So it can meet the most rigorous Euro-American environmental standards, and greatly enhance the park image, and improve the industrial park’s comprehensive competitiveness.

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