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Crystal Powder?


Crystal powder cementitious agent technology is a new cementitious material production technology which can integrate sulfate, nitrate and industrial solid waste independently developed by the medium crystal environment. It is a kind of cementitious material with high strength based on the molecular decomposition and combination of silicon, magnesium, iron, aluminium, sulfur and nitrate in specific proportion and reaction conditions.

Compared with other similar building materials on the market, the series of building materials with crystalline powder cementitious agent have a strong competitive advantage in cost and performance. The cost is 30% lower than that of cement products, and the compressive and flexural properties are 50% higher than those of cement products.

Medium-crystalline environment transforms harmful substances into beneficial substances through the production technology of crystal powder and cementitious agent and the production technology of building materials. Sulphur, nitrate and silicon-based cementitious materials form a high-strength, durable and stable hexagonal structure-honeycomb under pressure, which has high strength, low density, fire resistance up to A1 level, and also has the advantages of low thermal conductivity, good thermal insulation and low water absorption.

Crystal powder material can transform several sludge into new beneficial substances or change its location and application mode through simple chemical formula, so that by-products of flue gas treatment and various industrial solid wastes can radiate their new vitality. This is a new paradigm of environmental governance and a perfect integration of advanced technology concepts and advanced productive forces.


Jingpai®Building Material

Crystal Brick Series

1.Mesocrystalline BM block bricks



Mesocrystalline BM block is a small hollow block of lightweight aggregate concrete made of "crystal powder" and industrial waste residue. It has the advantages of light bulk density, high strength, sound insulation, heat insulation, convenient construction and so on. It is suitable for all kinds of new or rebuilt building's interior and exterior filling walls. The block has high strength and compactness, and the bonding force of the borehole anchor expansion bolt is strong. It can be used in the basement wall which needs anchor bolt for external insulation of exterior wall.

The interlocking principle is that the two ends of the interlocking block are respectively provided with convex and concave grooves for self-occlusion reinforcement. So it plays an important role in concrete structure building. It saves time and materials in construction, lays out flat walls, and lightens the burden of the whole building frame.

Product performance:

1. Fire Resistance Limit: Fire Resistance Limit of 150 Thick Wall is greater than 3 hours

2. Strength grade: MU3.5, MU5.0, MU7.5

3. Density: 800kg/m_and 1000kg/m_

4. Sound insulation: 100-thick wall 43 dB; 150-thick wall 45 dB; 200-thick wall 48 dB; foam insulation material can reach 55 dB. 5. Light weight, high strength, good compactness, low absorptivity and good frost resistance


2.Crystal Bricks (Sponge City Products)



The "crystal brick" with "crystal powder" as raw material has the characteristics of water permeability, moisture retention, skid resistance, high strength, cold resistance, weathering resistance, noise reduction and sound absorption. Because of its good permeability and air permeability, rainwater can quickly infiltrate into the underground, supplement soil water and groundwater, maintain soil moisture, improve the living conditions of urban ground plants and soil microorganisms, absorb water and heat, regulate the temperature and humidity of local surface space, and regulate urban microclimate and alleviate urban climate. The heat island effect plays an important role in alleviating the pressure of urban drainage and flood control, preventing pollution in public waters and treating sewage.

Product performance:

1. High safety: no water accumulation after rain, no skidding after snow, convenient for citizens to travel

2. High stability: the surface is slightly concave and convex, which can prevent road reflections and reduce the noise generated by vehicles, thus improving the comfort and safety of vehicles. 3. Rich style and predictable production

4. Flexure resistance: > 26.5 MPa

5. Compression: > 50MPa

6. Anti-wear: <35mm


3. Mesocrystalline self-insulating block (light partition wall)




Medium crystal self-insulation block is a new energy-saving, green and environment-friendly building material with excellent performance of load-bearing, high strength, light weight, heat insulation and fire resistance. It is widely used in engineering construction.

Product performance:

1. Fire-proof performance: non-flammable A1 class

2. Waterproofing performance: not deformed, softened, mildewed or rotten due to the influence of moisture, steam and humidity 3. Strength performance: impact resistance, bending resistance, high strength, good toughness and rigidity

4. Stability performance: wet expansion rate, heat shrinkage rate, drying shrinkage rate and low deflection, shape stability and no deformation.

5. Durability: No frost and brine, strength increases with time, long service life

6. Environmental protection performance: The material is composed of desulfurization and denitrification by-products, light steel slag, fly ash, building solid waste and other industrial waste. Avoid polluting the environment by repetitive demolition of waste materials; after the demolition of abandoned buildings, the material can be filled and reused again after crushing, which will not pollute the environment and achieve sustainable production.

7. Economic performance: simple and convenient construction, reduce labor intensity, speed up construction progress, and save the total cost of the project

8. Thermal conductivity: <0.07W/(m.K)

Crystal Plate Series

1. Crystal powder foaming insulation board


With "crystal powder" as cementitious material, it is made by chemical foaming. The biggest defect of ordinary foamed insulation board is that it is not damp-proof and swells when it sees water. This product is all made of inorganic environmental protection and recyclable "crystal powder", which overcomes the shortcomings of ordinary foaming insulation board in this respect. It has the characteristics of light heat preservation, A1 class fire prevention, low water absorption, high cohesion, low carbon and energy saving, environmental protection, waste and good durability.

Product performance:

1. Ring weatherability: No cracking, empty drum or shedding occurred after 80 cycles of high temperature (70 C), water spraying (15 C), heating (50 C) and freezing (-20 C). After weatherability test, the tensile bond strength of the facing brick system is greater than or equal to 0.40 MPa.

2. Low thermal conductivity: <0.048W/(m.K)

3. High durability

4. Low water absorption: <3%

5. Sound insulation performance: 60 dB sound insulation

6. Combustion performance: Class A

7. Impact resistance: 10J

8. Impermeability of coatings: 2 h impermeability

9. Apparent density: 80-150/m_

10. Compressive Strength (Deformation 10%): > 0.50MPa

11. Tensile strength perpendicular to the plane direction: > 0.20 MPa

12. Fusibility (Fracture Bending Load): > 50N

13. Thermal conductivity: 0.032-0.048W/(m.K)

14. Dimensional stability: <0.8%

15. Water absorption (volume fraction): <3.0%

16. acid resistance, 7d: no abnormality

17. alkali resistance, 7d: no abnormality


2. Thermal Insulation Decoration Integrated Board (Class A Fire Protection)


Medium Crystal Thermal Insulation and Decoration Integrated Board System consists of two series: imitation stone thermal insulation and decoration integrated board system and stone thermal insulation and decoration integrated board system. The imitation stone thermal insulation and decoration integrated board system consists of decoration layer, panel skeleton layer and insulation core layer. The stone thermal insulation and decoration integrated board system consists of natural stone, insulation core layer or decoration layer, panel skeleton layer and insulation core layer. Group composition. Because of the high-efficiency ratio of "crystal powder" raw materials and scientific production technology, the service life of the product can reach more than 20 years. Mesocrystalline insulation and decoration integrated board has excellent thermal insulation performance, low and stable thermal conductivity, and is not affected by the change of temperature and humidity. It makes the whole building have the effect of constant temperature, and the unique pattern design improves the quality of the building.

Product performance:

1. Flame Retardant Grade: Grade A

2. Impact resistance: 10J

3. Absorption: 100g/

4. Weatherability of the system: After 80 cycles of high temperature (70 C), water spraying (15 C), heating (50 C) and freezing (-20 C), no cracking, empty drum or shedding occurred. After weatherability test, the tensile bond strength of the facing brick system is greater than or equal to 0.40 MPa.

5. Unit Volume Weight: <30 kg/

6. Thermal conductivity of inorganic thermal insulation foam plate: <0.048W/(m.K)


3. Crystal plate


The main raw materials of crystal plate series products are all from by-products of industrial flue gas desulfurization and denitrification, solid waste discharged from industry and construction, and industrial wastewater. After strict material control and screening, each grain is a recyclable green material, combined with specially designed automatic process production line (no CO2 emission in the whole production process, no fuel consumption, no burning equipment). Based on the advantages of gypsum board, fibre cement board, calcium silicate board and other traditional building materials, this series of products have many advantages, such as non-cracking, fire prevention, moisture-proof, easy-to-shape, sound insulation and environmental protection. This series of products have unique pattern design, can easily decorate elegant visual space, and construct standardized design, prefabricated production, and so on. New mode of assembly construction.

Crystal plate series products:

1. Standard partition wall



Product performance

Low Density Plate

High Density Plate






1. Slab weight is light, which can reduce building load.           

2. The surface of the plate is smooth and easy to decorate.           

3. Filling crystal powder in the inner cavity of partition wall can achieve good sound insulation effect.

Recommended applications

Indoor partition walls of office buildings,large conference centers, star hotels, commercial residences and other buildings


2. Firewall



Product performance

Low Density Plate




The shrinkage of low density sheet at high temperature is much smaller than that of low density and high density sheet, so crystal low density sheet has obvious advantages in the field of fire protection. It can maintain the integrity of sheet at high temperature and effectively improve the performance of fire protection components.

Recommended applications

Industrial factories, hospitals, shopping malls, star-rated hotels, museums and other buildings with high requirements for fire prevention indoor partition walls.


3. Moisture-proof partition wall


Product performance

Medium Density Plate




Good moistureproof performance and stable performance in humid environment

Recommended applications

The indoor partition walls of buildings in wet areas such as seashore, as well as partition walls in wet areas such as basement and warehouse.  



4. Mei Nei Board System

Curtain wall is a common external wall maintenance system in modern large-scale and high-rise buildings, and the building is safe for curtain wall fire protection. The requirements of energy saving and other functions are getting higher and higher. There are two problems to be noticed in the fire protection design of curtain wall buildings: one is the fire protection performance of curtain wall itself; the other is how to prevent the spread of fire in buildings as a building system. Because there are often gaps between vertical curtain wall and horizontal floor, once a fire occurs, smoke and flame will spread to the upper layer of the building through this gap. When the curtain wall material breaks down and falls behind, the flame will quickly move up to the upper layer from the outside of the curtain wall. After destroying the material of the upper curtain wall, it will run into the upper room. Therefore, if the gap is not treated or treated unreasonably, there will be a huge gap. Great fire hazards. As a kind of non-flammable A1 grade material, Zhongjing Mei Nest Board can solve the fire prevention problem for curtain wall. As a fireproofing and sealing component of curtain wall crevices, Zhongjing Mei Nest Board can organize the indoor fire in the lower floor of the building to spread to the upper floor. As an integral firewall body with curtain wall lining, Zhongjing Mei Nest Board is equivalent to adding a fireproofing wall behind the curtain wall. It can prevent the indoor fire in the lower floor of the building from spreading to the upper floor, and at the same time, it can also prevent the fire outside the curtain wall from spreading to the indoor, which The heat exchange between indoor and outdoor can provide a layer of "protective shirt" for fireproof, heat preservation and energy saving on the building ship.

Application Notes

Product performance

Low Density Plate

High Density Plate


Dimension (mm)2440*1220
Thickness (mm)

Thickness (mm)


 1. A1 non-combustible material, the board can maintain integrity at high temperature, thereby improving the fire resistance of fire components;           

2. Small coefficient of thermal expansion and small shrinkage at high temperature.         

3. Low thermal conductivity delays the increase of back fire temperature.

4. Authoritative test proves that the system can meet the different fire resistance limit requirements of curtain wall lining through professional fire protection system design.


Curtain wall fire lining:

Firewall should be set on the curtain wall lining board to prevent the indoor flame from destroying the outer curtain wall without any shelter in case of fire, and prevent the flame from outside to inside, and prevent smoke from the lower floor of the building to the upper room.

Fire blocking:

Fire prevention and blockade should be carried out between different floors to prevent the fire from spreading to the upper floors of the building and to prevent the flame and high temperature smoke from spreading inside the building.

Fireproof and thermal insulation partition wall

Effective organization of indoor and outdoor heat transfer, to prevent the spread of flame and high temperature smoke in the building interior.

5. Fire-proof duct system

Modern buildings have the characteristics of large scale, complex functions and centralized personnel, which bring convenience and quick experience to property users and modern fine science and technology, but also bring greater fire safety risks. A large number of fire cases prove that fire prevention ducts are conducive to fire control and increase rescue opportunities.